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About Me

I love music and EDM has been an integral part of my musical diet since the last two decades or so which explains why I decided to build this website. Having grown up on a relatively substantial diet of disco tracks, much of my love for EDM is attributed to songs like 'Stayin' Alive' by Bee Gees, 'Billie Jean' by Michael Jackson and 'Holiday' by Madonna. Over the years, EDM did diversify into various genres and sub-genres with the result that nowadays it sounds as though it has come a long way from the manner it had started out. However, it has also acquired a more global appeal than ever before. 

While on one hand EDM has expanded to include several diverse styles of music, on the other it has transcended its countries of origin, namely USA and UK, and travelled far beyond its roots to almost every nook and corner of the world. Such is its versatility that you name a situation or identify a mood to complement the setting and there is a genre of EDM that comes across as an exact fit. 

Not very long back - in fact as recently as 23rd June, 2016 - I came across a news item that had EDM as its core subject, the topic being a debate as to whether this style of music was on its way out after having reigned for more than three decades. many of the DJs' shared my view that while it is difficult to relate to EDM in its current form, this form of music still deserves respect for the way it has evolved into its present form.  

So is the EDM bubble about to burst in the same way as the dot com bubble did at the turn of the century? The answer is an emphatic 'NO' although dedicated patrons of this form of music do concede that it lacks the originality of yesteryears and has come to be synonymous with drugs and fashion houses. That said, EDM continues to hit the right nerve with music lovers the world over and hence is likely to dominate the scenario for many more years to come. 

For patrons like me this is good news because it imples that I can look forward to hearing many more versions of this form of music in future. If you share my enthusiasm, then do keep in touch for the latest news and happenings at the following email id -, or